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Watch Ryan’s Story

Watch Ryan’s Story

A Better Life Is Possible with New Teeth

If you’re missing most or all your teeth, even the most basic functions like smiling or eating can be embarrassing and painful. You may be struggling with oral disease or poor physical health, too. Are you afraid you’ll never be able to live a confident and healthy life again? The dentists and staff at Bela Family Dentistry believe it’s possible! Our experienced dentists are skilled in full mouth rehabilitations and offer three solutions to replace all your missing teeth including removable dentures, implant supported dentures, and full arch dental implants in Columbia, SC. We’ll help you determine which solution best fits your situation and needs, then personalize it to be exactly the smile you desire to feel attractive and confident. From beginning to end, your full mouth restorative treatment will be about YOU. It’s possible to be free from the discouragement, pain, and anxiety of decayed or missing teeth. And we’ll help you get there with our personalized solutions. Learn about what we offer here, then schedule your first consultation at our Columbia, SC office to begin your journey to new teeth and restored health, function, and confidence!

A Smile to Fit Your Lifestyle

We’ll help you choose the best full mouth solution to fit your lifestyle: removable dentures, implant supported dentures, or full mouth dental implants. Dentures, a time-tested solution, can give you a new set of natural teeth quickly and at a low cost, though they won’t last more than 8-10 years. They also won’t provide substantial function and may slip or fall out, even if you use denture pastes. Implant supported dentures are considered the upgrade to traditional dentures and are attached securely to your mouth with dental implants. This solution provides much greater function, while looking and feeling natural. Full mouth dental implants are comparable to a full set of natural, functioning teeth—including their stability, attractiveness, and longevity. Esthetically amazing, they’re permanently fixed to your jawbone with dental implants, bringing back virtually 100 percent biting and chewing strength and long-term durability. Truly the most life-changing solution in all of dentistry, full arch dental implants can completely transform your health, confidence, and life! We recommend full arch dental implants for patients who want the closest thing to a set of natural teeth and strong, secure teeth designed to last many years. We’ve outlined what you can expect with full mouth dental implants at our Sandhills area office and the process for receiving this life-altering solution below.

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Your Journey to a Restored Smile

Personalized Consultation
The consultation, the first step in your treatment process, is where you’ll talk with our team about your unique situation and smile goals. During this appointment, we’ll talk about the problems you’re facing, your goals for restorative treatment, and any questions or concerns you have about the process. This is your opportunity to tell us exactly what you desire in a new smile, in terms of how it looks and functions, your health, and overall wellness. We’ll learn about your dental and medical history, too, and take 3D images of your mouth using low-radiation cone beam CT technology. We’ll use these scans to digitally plan your surgery as full mouth dental implants require precision planning from our skilled dentists to ensure a predictably successful surgery. All the information we gather at this appointment we’ll use to create a personalized treatment plan for you.
Placement Surgery
On the day of your surgery, you’ll be made comfortable in our treatment suite, and we’ll administer custom sedation if needed. We’ll be surgically placing between 4-8 dental implants into your jawbone, but you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. If your treatment plan includes the tooth extractions or bone grafting, we can often complete these treatments during the same surgical appointment. This will save you additional recovery time and streamline your treatment process. With your dental implants in place, we’ll then assess their primary stability. Because we follow a strict protocol using the TeethXpress system, the stability of your dental implants most likely will be sufficient enough for us to attach a temporary set of teeth on the day of your surgery. You’ll return later for your permanent set of teeth, but while your dental implants heal, you’ll be able to enjoy natural-looking teeth that function comfortably! We’ll be able to determine if you’re a candidate for this immediate load solution after your implants have been placed. However, with our surgical skills, technology, and innovative techniques, we’re usually able to provide this option for virtually all our patients!
Recovery and Restoration
Your dental implants will need 4-6 months to fully heal and integrate with your natural jawbone and restore complete function. During this time, we’ll monitor their progress and ensure you’re comfortable and healing properly. Once your implants are healed and fully stabilized in your bone, you’ll be ready for your permanent set of teeth! This new bridge is made from durable materials that look and feel natural. It’ll be incredibly strong, allowing you to eat all kinds of healthy foods, and won’t stain, decay, or best of all, never loosen or fall out. When fixed permanently to your dental implants, you’ll be thrilled to find that they look amazing and function like the real thing. You won’t be able to stop smiling!
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Your Treatment Made Affordable

The cost of your treatment will vary depending on the solution you choose and your current condition. While we understand that choosing permanent solutions instead of dentures will increase the overall cost of your treatment, we always remind patients to think about the long-term investment they’re making in their smiles. Dental implants will not only give you a beautiful, confident smile but will provide the function and health you need to live a fulfilling, happy life. We’ll help make your treatment affordable through third-party financing and will file insurance claims on your behalf. You can afford a new smile and ultimately transform your life—and we can help!

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