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Experiencing these Symptoms?

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Fix Your Tooth with a Root Canal

If you’re experiencing any of the abovementioned symptoms, do not wait any longer to schedule an appointment with us! These symptoms are almost always a sign of infection inside your tooth. The only way to save your natural tooth when this happens is by timely root canals. The good news is that root canals and endodontic treatment often eliminate the need for a tooth extraction! We’re aware that root canals spark anxiety for many patients, so we’re prepared to make you as comfortable as possible at your endodontic surgery appointment. We offer custom sedation at our office and ensure you feel relaxed in our treatment suites during your procedure. Our dentists having been offering trusted endodontics in Columbia, SC for years and are skilled in restoring teeth with root canals. With gentle and precise care, we can treat your infection and get your tooth back to a healthy, functioning state.

Comfort-Focused Root Canals

Your comfort is our top priority at your appointment. We’ll first ensure you’re calm and relaxed with sedation, then fully numb your tooth so you won’t feel a thing. Next, we open your tooth to gain access to where the infection is inside the pulp chambers. These areas are thoroughly cleaned of all decay and infection, then sanitized. Finally, we reinforce the tooth by filling these empty canals with gutta-percha, a non-harmful material that will harden and strengthen your tooth. That’s it! Many of our Sandhills area patients tell us their root canals weren’t any less comfortable than a simple cavity filling. Your tooth may still need additional support, so we’ll attach a custom-made dental crown, too. This crown will “cap” your treated tooth, keeping it safe from more infection and returning it to a level of durability it’ll need to withstand the force of biting and chewing. Once your procedure is over, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable life once again!
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Permanent filling or crown placed

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