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Securely holding your teeth in place, your jawbone is the foundation of your smile. It’s health not only affects your teeth, but the health of your smile as a whole. If tooth loss or gum disease threaten your jawbone, it can affect everything from your ability to smile, eat, and speak, to your facial appearance and your confidence. With comprehensive training in restorative dentistry solutions, our dentists are skilled in rebuilding bone in your jaw with safe materials and specialized bone grafting in Columbia, SC. If tooth loss is the cause of your bone recession, bone grafting can make you a candidate for dental implants. With bone grafts and natural-looking dental implants, we can restore the health, function, and beauty of your smile!

Bone Grafting

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An in-office procedure, bone grafting can be completed in one of our many treatment suites at our state-of-the-art Columbia, SC practice. Using cone beam CT imaging, the same technology frequently only found in hospitals, we capture highly detailed 3D images of your jawbone and surrounding structures. We use these scans along with minimally invasive surgical protocols to ensure your treatment is not only predictable, but also effective in the long run. Comfort is also a priority here. In order to ensure your comfort and safety during treatment, we also offer custom sedation services including oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation. Best of all, your bone grafting treatment, dental implant placement, and restorations can be completed in a single location. One cohesive treatment plan completed by the same team. You’ll notice the difference that makes in improving the efficiency, quality, and convenience of your care!

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