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Tooth Extraction - Augusta, GA

Don’t Let One Tooth Harm Your Health

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If you’re having problems with a damaged or infected tooth, or your wisdom teeth are causing discomfort, we’re here to treat your symptoms and restore your oral health with predictable oral surgery services. Although the pain may be enough for many to receive treatment, we remind patients that decayed or infected teeth or impacted wisdom teeth can not only cause decay to spread to adjacent teeth but can affect your oral and overall health. Our dentists are trained and experienced in problem tooth extractions and wisdom teeth extractions using state-of-the-art diagnostics and conservative surgical techniques. You’ll receive outstanding care from our trained general dentists in an office designed for surgical procedures like tooth extractions in Augusta, GA. If you need oral surgery, we’ll ensure you feel safe and comfortable under our care and provide custom sedation options to keep your procedure pain-free. We’ll help keep your oral health in great condition with our personalized treatments!

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Signs of an Infected or Impacted Tooth

Custom, Pain-Free Oral Surgery

Tooth Extractions
Remove teeth too decayed or diseased to save and keep your mouth free from related problems. Our gentle tooth extractions ensure any infection doesn’t spread to other parts of your body. We offer socket preservation as well, a bone grafting technique that fills the empty socket to slow bone loss in the area.
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Keep impacted wisdom teeth from damaging other teeth and the health of your smile. We’ll remove these third molars to avoid future issues or to eliminate associated pain and infection. Wisdom teeth extractions are completed in the comfort of our modern Augusta, GA office, frequently under the comfort of sedation treatment.

Your Options for Replacing Extracted Teeth

If you wish to replace your tooth after an extraction, you have a more permanent option than a partial denture. We offer dental implants, the most natural and longest-lasting tooth replacement solution. Dental implants look very similar to natural teeth and consist of a post (tooth root) and dental crown (visible tooth). Our skilled dentists place and restore dental implants right in our office. Depending on your case, we may be able to place your implant the day you have your tooth extractions in Augusta, GA, saving you the inconvenience of multiple surgeries! With a dental implant in place of your damaged or diseased tooth, your jaw will remain healthy and stimulated at the site, your natural teeth won’t shift, and your smile will be seamless and complete. Learn more about dental implants by scheduling an appointment today!

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