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Soft Tissue Treatments - Augusta, GA

Keep Your Gum Tissue Healthy

Treatment to Optimize Beauty and Function

Your gum tissue may not seem important, but its job functions include everything from providing a protective barrier for your teeth to creating a symmetrical and attractive tooth-to-gum ratio when you smile. Even seemingly esthetic concerns, like a “gummy” smile, can affect the health of the teeth hidden beneath. And the chronic infection and inflammation characterized by gum disease can damage oral structures and aggravate systemic problems like diabetes and heart disease. We’ll help keep your gum tissue and mouth healthy with specialized periodontal services such as soft tissue recontouring or a gingivectomy in Augusta, GA. Our general dentists are specially trained in periodontal treatments and will bring function back to your smile while ensuring it’s naturally beautiful as well

Benefiting from Soft Tissue Treatments

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Custom Periodontal Services

Soft Tissue Recontouring
Define a new smile line with personalized soft tissue recontouring for a “gummy” smile. We’ll get rid of the excess gum tissue or bone that’s hiding the natural size of your tooth to give your smile a more balanced, symmetrical look.
Improve the ease and comfort of eating, speaking, and swallowing. We’ll reduce or eliminate the frenulum that attaches the tongue to the mouth and is causing restriction. We can also do the same for the tissue securing the upper lip to the mouth to improve infant nursing, orthodontic treatment, or smile esthetics.
Gum Grafting
Protect your smile from gum recession and reduce painful tooth sensitivity. We’ll reestablish proper gum tissue over your teeth to restore a protective barrier against bacteria and improve natural smile esthetics.
Effectively manage gum disease with interventional surgery. During a gingivectomy in Augusta, GA, we’ll eliminate the infected gum tissue, clear the pockets around the teeth of bacteria, and suture healthy gums back in place to optimize the health of your gums, bone, and teeth.
Guided Tissue Regeneration
Ensure your gum tissue and bone are healing after surgeries like bone grafting. We’ll keep these tissues separated with a special membrane so that the gums and bone heal without interfering with each other.

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