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Overcome Dental Anxiety

We'll Make You Relaxed and Comfortable

At Bela Family Dentistry we see many people who have fears about getting dental care. In case you’re one of them, don’t worry! Our sympathetic and profoundly talented staff will do everything conceivable to keep you stress-free and content during your visits. This begins in our lavish sitting area and continues through each step of your care in our treatment suites. We offer an assortment of sedation methods to keep you pain- and anxiety-free while you’re undergoing treatment. We want to foster an atmosphere that you’ll be comfortable returning to and a relationship where you realize that your worries are also our highest concern. Dental anxiety? Don’t hesitate to let us know. You may be delightfully amazed by the experience you have with anesthesia options like IV sedation.

Available Methods of Sedation

During our initial in-office discussion of your treatment, we’ll talk about our sedation choices and figure out which is best for you by considering your degree of dental anxiety and how complex your treatment will be. These include:

IV Sedation
Administered intravenously, this sedation option creates a state that’s just like sleep, however, you won't feel anything during your treatment, nor will you recall any part of it later. This is one of the top alternatives for patients with extreme dental anxiety and is regularly used during dental implant placement and different oral surgery procedures.
Oral Sedation
With this choice, you take a pill before your procedure and after that fall into a restful state. Like IV sedation, this is a solid alternative for patients with minimal to severe dental anxiety issues.
Local Anesthesia
We utilize local anesthesia to desensitize a limited treatment area. We can apply this as a gel or inject it directly into the site.

Be Aware of the Risks of Dental Anxiety

We offer various choices such as IV sedation in Augusta, GA not just to help keep you from feeling uncomfortable during your visit, but also to show you that maintaining your dental health through regular dental visits is nothing to fear. By doing this, keeping good oral hygiene habits, and telling us about any odd symptoms as soon as you experience them you can reduce your chances of requiring more invasive, costly, and possibly painful treatments in the future. With our broad sedation options and our proven knowledge, there’s no need to ever fear a dental visit again.

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