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Clear Paths to Straight Teeth

Three Options, One Obvious Winner

Your teeth might be mostly healthy, with no visible imperfections. On the other hand, if your teeth aren’t straight, all those other attributes may not matter to you if an “ideal” smile is what you want. You may believe braces are the best remedy, and that’s partly correct. Traditional metal braces do a respectable job of shifting teeth back into their correct position, but the method has its downsides. Metal wires and braces can completely take over your smile, give you a temporary speech limitation, and cause you to feel awkward during personal interactions. With orthodontics in Augusta, GA from the Bela Family Dentistry team, all you and other people will see is remarkable results. We offer three different clear orthodontics solutions as an alternative to metal braces, so you can have a straight, stunning smile after discreet treatment. Choose any of these options and you are the clear winner!

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The Advantages of Clear Orthodontia

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Our Orthodontic Solutions

Invisalign is perhaps one of the most famous ways to straighten your teeth outside of traditional braces. Invisalign will improve the look of your smile, give you a better bite, and make your teeth less prone to wear. Benefits-wise, it’s equivalent to traditional metal braces but doesn’t have the same esthetic issues. Invisalign works using sets of sturdy, clear plastic aligners that slip over your teeth and gradually moves them back into their proper position. We customize the aligners to your specifications, so they’ll fit firmly and comfortably. You’ll keep them in up to 22 hours per day, taking them out solely for meals and dental hygiene. While they’re in place, they’re hardly visible!
ClearCorrect is another option for transparent orthodontics in Augusta, GA that offers identical benefits to traditional braces using clear aligners. Made in America, ClearCorrect aligners consistently straighten crooked teeth over time and stop teeth that are already straight from growing crooked. As with Invisalign, you’ll keep the aligners in about 22 hours each day. They’re made from a more slender material and are widely considered to be an economical alternative.
Six Month Smiles®
Is there a wedding, special anniversary or family gathering coming up that you’re dreading because you don’t want crooked teeth in the photos? Six Month Smiles clear braces can straighten teeth much quicker—typically around six months. These are fashioned after traditional braces with brackets and wires. However, where standard braces are made of conspicuous metal, the brackets of Six Month Smiles are clear and the wires are the same color as your teeth. Six Month Smiles also comes in a clear aligner version that fits over your teeth just like Invisalign and ClearCorrect.

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