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Watch Ryan’s Story

Watch Ryan’s Story

Multiple Options to Match Your Unique Goals, Lifestyle, and Budget

Have you been trying to hide your smile for far too long? Settling for eating only soft foods? Felt ongoing discomfort in your mouth? Whether you have many missing teeth, or no teeth left at all, you’ve probably been dealing with a lot of physical and emotional issues. We want you to know that we understand how difficult it is to live life without a smile that looks and works the way it should. We can help end your pain and embarrassment with full mouth solutions such as full mouth dental implants in Augusta, GA to fit your smile goals, your life, and your budget! We’ll customize a treatment plan specifically for you so you can get what you want—stunning results that genuinely transform your life by improving your dental health and function, as well as your overall confidence. Read about your options here, then schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable Augusta, GA team to discover which one is best for you.

Your Tooth Replacement Options

If total teeth replacement is what you want, you have many options. One is removable dentures, a long-trusted solution that replaces missing teeth in one or both arches. Dentures are a respectable option if you want to regain some function with a set of teeth that looks natural. Some patients find the solution not close enough to real teeth and will opt for implant supported dentures instead. This option enhances stability during biting and chewing with dentures that attach to two or more dental implants. Patients typically experience considerable improvements in function, though the denture may still cause discomfort since the gums provide a supporting function. If you’re seeking a permanent solution that provides tremendous long-term benefits to your health, function, and smile esthetics, we will probably recommend full mouth dental implants to you. Full mouth dental implants are the nearest equivalent to a complete set of functional, healthy teeth and are made up of a life-like bridge of durable teeth firmly attached to as few as four dental implants precisely placed in your jawbone. Patients and dentists alike agree that full mouth dental implants are the ideal solution when you’ve lost all of your teeth or soon will.

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Deciding the Best Solution for You

When deciding which tooth replacement option to go with, there are certainly a lot of factors to consider. Since it’s difficult to choose one based on a small amount of information, we’re here to assess your health and functional needs, smile goals, and finances to ensure that no matter which option you choose, your full mouth restoration will provide the most value in the long-term. We give you all this information and learn about you and what you’re looking for in a new smile during a personalized consultation and oral health evaluation. If you feel that dentures are the best choice for your situation, the process is relatively straightforward to start. If you decide on more complex treatments like one of our dental implant solutions, you can get information on the basic process and what to expect below.

Tailored Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment

Step 1: Consultation
The consultation is among the most vital parts of your treatment. Here we not only gather necessary medical and dental health information but also discuss your concerns and ultimate vision for your ideal smile and the fulfilling new life it can bring you. The consultation includes a full cone beam CT scan of your mouth, providing us with highly detailed 3D images of your jawbone health. This will enable us to develop a customized treatment plan that’s in line with your goals and budget, and get you one step closer to full mouth dental implants in Augusta, GA.
Step 2: Preparation
Our treatment plans are always tailored to you and depending on the condition of your mouth and oral health may include additional procedures. Conditions like gum disease and bone loss must be taken care of before surgery to ensure successful dental implant placement. Once your mouth is ready, you’ll come back to our office for that procedure.
Step 3: Surgery
We’ll insert between four and eight dental implants in each arch. Our surgical techniques make this process efficient and effective and our patients rarely need more than one implant placement surgery. Our team has undergone comprehensive training in dental surgery and we use some of the industry’s most advanced surgical technologies and materials to ensure the success of your treatment. Once you’re resting comfortably under one of our sedation options, we’ll carefully place implants in your jawbone. This process usually takes only a few hours and allows you to return home the same day. Some patients may qualify for our “immediate load” protocol, in which we attach a temporary set of crowns on the day of surgery. We’ll do everything we can to make this option possible for you!
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Full Mouth Restorations Can Be Affordable

Full mouth dental implants in Augusta, GA range in cost as much as they do in the benefits they provide. While implant-retained solutions come at a higher price than dentures, the cost should be weighed based on the long-term advantages you’ll experience. Dentures, though the most economical price tier, won’t provide the same level of stability and natural esthetics that implant-supported options will. Nor will they last more than five or 10 years. Solutions like full mouth dental implants, on the other hand, are created to be permanent with proper care, potentially improving your smile esthetics, dental function, and confidence for the rest of your life. You’ll be able to smile with complete self-assurance, enjoy all the foods you can’t currently eat (any hard, sticky, or chewy ones), and give your body the health boost it needs to defeat those physical and emotional complications. If you’re concerned about the cost of full mouth implants, we can help. Our mission is to give you a new smile that can last for many years and the confidence to live an active, healthy, and social lifestyle. We’ll find a way to help you afford this transformational treatment!

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