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A Complete, and Affordable, New Smile

Cost-Effective, Natural-Looking Teeth

If you’re struggling to live a confident or healthy life because you’re missing teeth, we provide a cost-effective and natural-looking solution with partial and full dentures in Augusta, GA. Our modern dentures and partials are nothing like those of the past. With durable materials and life-like shading, these solutions can help bring back beauty and function to your smile—and confidence in your life! Don’t let missing teeth continue to interfere with your social life, keep you from eating the foods you enjoy, or damage your health! Our restorative dentists at Bela Family Dentistry are trained in denture treatments, and with artistry and skill, can create new teeth that complement your natural facial esthetics and improve your dental function. Most importantly, we’ll design these teeth to look so life-like, that others won’t even notice you’re wearing dentures or partials!

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Benefits of Our Denture Solutions

Improving Stability with Dental Implants

If you wear partials or dentures in Augusta, GA or will need them soon, you can choose the more stable alternative, whether you have several missing teeth or a full arch of missing teeth. Implant supported bridges can replace missing teeth in a row, using dental implants as anchors instead of adjacent, natural teeth. Implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants are two alternatives to removable dentures in Augusta, GA that use dental implants, instead of pastes or suction, to keep your teeth secure. Dental implants offer many benefits, including permanently stabilizing teeth or dentures, keeping your jawbone healthy, and helping preserve your natural facial features. With teeth fixed to your jaw with two or more dental implants, you’ll experience significantly better stability for eating and confidence in the security fixed teeth provide. With dental implants, you’ll never need to worry about relining your denture, using pastes or adhesives, or your teeth becoming loose or falling out. Our experienced dentists can help you determine which solution, whether fixed or removable, fits best within your situation, budget, and smile goals during a consultation at our Augusta, GA office.

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