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Ensure Your New Teeth Have Support

Bone: The Healthy Foundation

Your jawbone provides the foundation for your teeth and ultimately your smile. If this foundation is compromised because disease or tooth loss caused deterioration, you risk losing remaining teeth and even the natural structure of your face! We can help rebuild the bone you’ve lost in your jaw and give you a new smile with permanent dental implants. With extensive training in restorative treatment, our general dentists provide bone grafting in Augusta, GA with techniques that restore proper height and density to your jawbone. With healthy bone in your jaw, you’ll be able to replace any number of missing teeth with dental implants—and bring function, health, and beauty back to your smile!

Bone Grafting

Restorative Services in a Single Location

When you come to us for bone grafting in Augusta, GA, you’ll find modern treatment suites equipped with the technologies and resources needed to provide safe and effective restorative surgery. We’ll employ such technologies as low-radiation cone beam CT imaging, conservative surgical techniques, and safe materials to ensure your bone grafting surgery is efficient and predictable. At Bela Family Dentistry, we also make your comfort a priority and offer many sedation dentistry services to keep you relaxed and pain-free during your surgery. We’re proud to offer all these services and more in a single, convenient, and familiar location so you can experience the highest quality of care without sacrificing time or money.

Our Specialized Services

Ridge Augmentation

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Ensure that you have enough bone to replace several missing teeth in a row. During ridge augmentation, we’ll take bone grafting material and use it to replace the lost bone in a section of your jaw ridge. This type of bone grafting in Augusta, GA restores the natural contours of the ridge and natural bone height and width. This procedure is also used directly after a tooth extraction to preserve bone in the area and slow the resorption process.

Sinus Lift

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Successfully replace molars lost or extracted in your upper arch with dental implants. Without teeth in this area of the jaw, bone resorption also causes the sinus cavity to sink. This shallow area of bone is built back up with bone grafting materials placed beneath the membrane. Restored bone levels beneath will have the proper height and density to support a dental implant.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

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Recover faster and more efficiently after bone grafting treatment. Gum tissue and bone heal at different speeds and can interfere with each other’s recovery process. To optimize the area for healing, we place a membrane over the grafted area before suturing the gum tissue in place.

Ensure you’re a candidate for dental implants.

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