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Tooth Extraction - Aiken, SC

A Single Tooth Can Affect Your Health

Relieving Pain with Tooth Extractions

If you’ve been living with constant tooth pain, whether due to decay, damage, or impacted wisdom teeth, it’s important to seek the expertise of our dentists at Bela Family Dentistry! More than relieving your toothache, ridding your mouth of problem teeth will keep you free from any associated infection or damage to your existing teeth. Our Aiken, SC dentists extract teeth on a routine basis and are skilled in techniques that cause as little trauma to your gum tissue and bone as possible. At our state-of-the-art practice, we’ll help you feel comfortable and relaxed and ensure your procedure is efficient and pain-free with custom sedation options. You don’t need to fear tooth extractions in Aiken, SC. With skill and gentle care, we’ll remove the teeth that are causing pain and restore long-term health to your smile.

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Our Tooth Extraction Treatments

Tooth Extractions
Teeth that have suffered trauma, extensive decay, or are affected by disease often cannot be saved with other procedures. To ensure that any infection around this tooth does not spread to the rest of your mouth, we’ll extract the problem tooth. This will relieve your pain and the opportunity to restore permanent health and function with a dental implant.
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Wisdom teeth (often called third molars) often do not erupt properly in the mouth and become impacted or infected. Our wisdom teeth extractions will eliminate any discomfort or pain from your mouth and will ensure that these teeth don’t harm your existing teeth.

Choose A Long-Term Tooth Replacement

If you need tooth extractions in Aiken, SC, you have options for restoring your smile! You don’t have to choose a partial denture or dental bridge, either. Dental implants provide a long-term tooth replacement option that permanently replaces the natural beauty, function, and health after a natural tooth has been extracted. Just like a normal tooth, a dental implant consists of a “root” (implant post) and a “crown” (dental crown) and when surgically placed into your jaw, will look and function completely naturally. A tooth extraction doesn’t have to be the end of your treatment process. In most cases, if you plan to replace your tooth with a dental implant, we can surgically place your implant the same day you have your tooth extracted. The treatment is so streamlined and efficient, you’ll barely be without a tooth, if at all!

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