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Full Mouth Dental Implants - Aiken, SC

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Watch Ryan’s Story

Watch Ryan’s Story

Versatile Teeth Replacement Solutions

Are you struggling to smile with confidence, eat food comfortably, or speak without difficulty? Many failing or missing teeth can cause emotional and physical problems. We’re here to help you overcome these limitations with solutions that provide you with a comfortable, attractive new smile. We can eliminate your painful and embarrassing symptoms with versatile full mouth solutions that fit your smile goals, life, and budget! You’ll receive a treatment plan customized for you, with a result that truly transforms your day-to-day life and confidence. We invite you to learn about your options, including full mouth dental implants in Aiken, SC, then schedule a consultation with our team for a professional evaluation.

Your Teeth Replacement Options

Your first option is removable dentures, a decades-old option that takes the place of no teeth in your upper and/or lower arch. Dentures can restore some dental function with a set of teeth that look real. For some patients, their instability is an issue so they choose implant supported dentures. This solution adds stability for eating with dentures that attaches to two or more dental implants inserted into your jaw. Most patients experience reliable improvements in dental function, though not all discomfort may be eliminated. Patients searching for a long-lasting solution that provides superior functional and esthetic improvements can choose full mouth dental implants. This permanent solution is the closest thing to a complete set of healthy natural teeth and consists of a life-like bridge of teeth securely attached to four or more dental implants. For many patients and dentists alike, full mouth dental implants are one of the most advantageous solutions if you are missing most or all of your teeth!

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Determining Your Ideal Solution

There are many things to consider when choosing the most ideal tooth replacement for your situation. We’re here to evaluate your health and functional needs, esthetic goals, and budgetary restraints to ensure your full mouth restoration is exactly what you’re looking for. This information, in addition to learning about what you desire in a new smile, occurs during your first consultation and evaluation. If dentures are the most ideal choice for your needs, the process is relatively simple, but for more involved solutions like our dental implant treatments, we’ve outlined what you can expect at Bela Family Dentistry.

Our Personalized Full Mouth Dental Implants Process

Your consultation is one of the most critical parts of your process. In addition to gathering needed medical and dental health information, it’s during this appointment that we learn about your smile goals, concerns, and vision for your future, as it relates to your teeth and your life. We’ll take a full cone beam CT scan of your mouth, highly detailed images of your mouth to assess the health of your mouth. From this consultation, we’ll design a personalized treatment plan that fits within your goals and budget.
Our treatment plans are always personalized to you, so your process may include preliminary treatments depending on the condition of your mouth. Certain conditions like gum disease or bone loss must be treated in preparation for surgery to make sure your dental implants are successful long-term. When your mouth is ready, you’ll return to our office for your implant surgery.
You’ll receive upwards of four dental implants in one arch, depending on your needs. Our surgical protocols make this surgery streamlined and effective and very few, if any, of our patients require more than one surgical procedure. Our advanced training in dental surgery and the use of the industry’s most advanced surgical technologies and materials helps us provide treatment that assures its long-term success. Once you are comfortably resting with a customized level of sedation, we’ll place your implants directly into your jawbone. This surgery generally takes only a few hours and you’ll be able to return home the same day. If you qualify for our “immediate load” protocol, we’ll be able to attach a temporary set of teeth on the day of surgery.
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Making Your Full Mouth Restoration Affordable

Your teeth replacement solutions range as much in cost as in the benefits they provide. Though implant-retained solutions are more expensive than removable dentures, this price is directly related to the higher level of benefits you’ll be getting. Dentures, though cost-effective, won’t provide you with the long-term stability and natural esthetics that implant-supported options will, and may not last more than 5-8 years, during which time adjustments will be needed. Aiken, SC full mouth dental implants, however, are designed to last for the rest of your life, providing significant improvements to your smile’s health and function—and your confidence. You’ll once again love the look of your smile, eat your favorite foods, and improve your oral and overall health. If you’re concerned about the cost of our full mouth restorations, we’re here to help. Our goal is to give you a new smile that can last for many years and provide you the confidence to enjoy a healthy, active, and social lifestyle. We’ll help you afford the transformative solution you need!

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