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Treatment to Stop Infection and Discomfort

Are you experiencing tooth pain? Severe pain stemming from your tooth roots may indicate an internal infection. This often happens when bacteria from a cavity reaches the internal pulp chamber of your tooth, where the sensitive nerves and blood vessels live. Many times, a basic filling won’t repair the damage, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need your tooth pulled either. When disease kills the living tissue inside your tooth, often your best solution is a root canal. Our dentists have extensive experience in endodontics in our Aiken, SC practice and can return you to pain-free eating and daily living again with personalized treatment. Don’t live with tooth pain any longer; let us eliminate it!

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The Path to Deep Relief

After diagnosing the reason for your tooth pain, we’ll schedule a root canal procedure. First, our goal is to make you comfortable. A recurring theme in our practice, you’ll experience a relaxing waiting room full of amenities that greets you when you arrive at our Aiken, SC office and your choice of calming sedation dentistry options. We always choose sedation for root canals based on the complexity of your case and how much assistance you’ll need to relax. For the procedure itself, we remove the top portion of your tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber. Inside, we rid the interior of the infected or inflamed tissue, then disinfect and reshape the root canals. After medicating the chambers, we fill the now-empty root canals with a special material to strengthen the tooth. Finally, we place a dental crown over your treated tooth to ensure it remains strong over time. In just one appointment, you’ll have a smile back on your face as you resume normal daily activities with comfort and ease.

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Permanent filling or crown placed

Signs of Trouble inside Your Tooth

If you have any of these symptoms, contact us immediately:

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