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Dental Crowns & Bridges - Aiken, SC

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We Consider Both Function and Esthetics

Is tooth loss or a chipped tooth bothering you? We may have the solution you’re looking for. Dental bridges and dental crowns are a common treatment here at Bela Family Dentistry. Providing cost-effective and natural-looking solutions, what’s not to love? Each with its own purpose, both dental bridges and dental crowns in Aiken, SC are custom-crafted to restore your tooth or teeth to natural beauty and function. When properly maintained, our crowns and bridges can last for many years to come! The skilled team at our Aiken location has decades of combined experience offering these restorative solutions and with our modern technology, we can do so in an efficient and predictable process. At each of our convenient and welcoming practice locations, we’ll first discover your specific smile goals before making any decisions on your treatment plan. If crowns and bridges are the appropriate solution for you, we’ll create a treatment plan and restorations customized to you so you can leave our office with a complete, esthetic, and functional smile you love.

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Trusted Same-Day Crowns

A dental crown, or cap, restores the strength, size, and color to worn-down, chipped, or discolored teeth. If you have a large cavity or require a root canal, we also use dental crowns to seal and protect your tooth from further infections. Made from reliable materials, our crowns look natural and are very strong once bonded to your tooth. What’s even more exciting for our patients is the fact that we can offer same-day dental crowns in Aiken, SC! We have the modern technology to hand-craft your crown without sending it to an outside lab. From start to finish, you can receive your crown in a single appointment! If you elect to receive crowns to restore your smile you can expect to:

Missing Tooth? Let’s Talk Bridges.

A dental bridge is a series of dental crowns used to “bridge” the space left by a lost or extracted tooth. Using the surrounding teeth as anchors, bridges can return your chewing and biting power. Though a portion of your supporting teeth will be removed, the final prosthetic will be custom-fitted and look completely life-like. At Bela Family Dentistry, we use only high-quality and lasting materials for these restorative treatments so you can expect beautiful and functional bridges that last. Our dental bridges provide numerous benefits, including:

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