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Restore Healthy Bone for Dental Implants

Why You May Need Bone Grafting

Your jawbone is the main support for your teeth, and along with healthy gums, secures your teeth in your mouth so you can eat and speak confidently. If problems like gum disease or tooth loss cause this support to weaken and shrink, it can affect your dental function and your facial appearance. Our dentists have years of experience in restorative treatments like bone grafting in Aiken, SC. We can restore a healthy foundation for new teeth like dental implants with minimally-invasive and safe procedures. If you need bone grafting because your jaw is too weak or thin to support dental implants, our skilled Aiken, SC dentists can help! You can have a stable, beautiful smile with dental implants—and it starts with a healthy jawbone.

Bone Grafting

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We’ll complete your bone grafting surgery in one of our modern treatment suites equipped for these kinds of procedures. To ensure a successful surgery and predictable outcomes, we use low-radiation CBCT imaging and state-of-the-art surgical protocols. We’ll also be sure you’re as comfortable as possible during this process with our personalized sedation services. Additionally, you’ll never leave our office for treatment as our trained dentists have the comprehensive training and experience to provide all procedures related to bone grafting and dental implants right in our Aiken, SC practice!

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