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Dental Crowns & Bridges

A New Smile without Surgery

Fix Cosmetic and Functional Concerns

Tired or embarrassed of cosmetic imperfections or missing teeth? Dental crowns and dental bridges are two popular and cost-effective treatment options that provide long-term restoration or replacement for teeth. Each with its own purpose, both crowns and bridges are custom designed to return your tooth or teeth to natural beauty and function. When kept in good condition, dental crowns and bridges can last for many years! Our talented dentists have decades of experience providing these restorative options and with our technology, we can do so in an efficient and predictable manner. At each of our convenient and welcoming practice locations, we’ll first discover your specific smile goals, then personalize your treatment to give you the smile you want!

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Dental Crowns Return Smile Esthetics

A dental crown is a cap for your tooth used to restore size, strength, and color to worn, broken, or discolored teeth. We also use dental crowns to restore a tooth after it has been treated for a large cavity or has had a root canal. Made from durable materials, dental crowns look natural and are very strong once attached to your tooth. We have the technology to mill crowns in all our convenient office locations and can provide treatment from start to finish in a single appointment! Dental crowns have many advantages, including:

Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is a series of dental crowns used to literally “bridge” the gap of a missing or extracted tooth. Using the adjacent teeth as anchors, dental bridges can restore biting and chewing power back to this area of your mouth. Though some enamel of your teeth must be removed, the final bridgework will be custom-fitted and look completely natural. We use only high-quality materials for these restorative treatments to provide beautiful and functional bridges that last many years. Dental bridges provide many benefits, including:

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Get your smile back without surgery.

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