Bone Grafting

Restore a Foundation for New Teeth

Bone Grafting for a Healthy Jawbone

As the foundation for your teeth, your jawbone’s health is important to the health of your smile as a whole. When disease or tooth loss threatens or destroys this foundation, it can affect everything from your facial appearance to your ability to eat, smile, and feel confident. With comprehensive training in restorative treatment, our experienced dentists are skilled in rebuilding bone in your jaw with specialized techniques and safe materials. With proper bone levels in your jaw, you can become a candidate for dental implants and permanently restore any number of teeth—and the health, function, and beauty of your smile!

Comprehensive Treatment In-House

Your bone grafting surgery is completed in a state-of-the-art treatment suite at one of our many convenient practice locations. We use everything from low-radiation 3D cone beam CT imaging to minimally invasive surgical protocols to ensure your treatment is not only predictable, but also effective in the long run. Comfort is also a priority here. Each of our offices is equipped with custom sedation services to ensure your comfort and safety during surgery. Best of all, your bone grafting treatment, as well as all procedures related to dental implants, can be completed in a single location, improving the quality, efficiency, and convenience of your care!

Our Specialized Services

Ridge Augmentation

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Tooth and bone loss in a jaw ridge makes the bone too narrow and weak to support a dental implant bridge. We’ll restore the natural contours and density of an entire ridgeline or provide localized treatment to preserve a tooth socket after extraction.

Sinus Lift

sinus lift graphic

Bone loss in the back part of the upper arch (under the sinus cavity) leaves it too shallow to support a dental implant. We’ll place bone material beneath this membrane to raise the sinus floor and restore proper bone height below.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

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Gum tissue and bone recover at different speeds, so to optimize the healing environment, we’ll place a membrane between these tissues. This barrier allows the bone to regenerate without interference from the faster-healing gum tissue.

Don’t let bone loss hurt your smile.

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