4 Tooth-Safe Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

TACKLE CHOCOLATE CRAVINGS WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT YOUR TEETH These healthy alternatives to traditional chocolate treats can help your teeth stay strong, even while satisfying your candy cravings. If you’re like us, you have a sweet spot for chocolate. Milk, dark, and even white chocolate can all be mixed into delicious treats to give them a […]

10 Facts About Dental Health That Will Surprise You

dental patient

WHY DIDN’T I KNOW THIS ABOUT MY DENTAL HEALTH? Chances are you don’t think about your teeth as much as you do your eyes, hair, nails or feet unless you have a toothache. But the truth is, your pearly whites do far more than you give them credit for. They help you eat, speak, and […]

How Much Is A Smile Worth? How Much Does Dental Health Matter

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CAN YOU PUT A PRICE ON YOUR SMILE? How much is your smile worth? A penny? A dollar? A hundred dollars? You could try to put a value on it by adding up the money you’ve invested in keeping it healthy, but how do you measure its beauty, its friendliness, its kindness, the happiness it […]